Interviews and Case Studies

Video + In-person Interviews

Interviews with clients, partners, suppliers and key personnel to help bring your brand to life.

Case Studies

Helping you compile and produce case studies that demonstrate competence and capability.

Agile Methodology

We embrace Agile as a high-performance style of project management and product development.

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful form of advertising there is. Bringing your stories to life and giving them a human face humanises the brand and promotes connection.

Over the past decade, possibly because of the rise of influencers in social media, we’ve seen that people engage with real people in your company rather than a brand account.

When our clients appear in videos and generate content online, it is their personal LinkedIn and social media accounts that receive the connection requests and follows rather than the company brand.

It is their words, thoughts and ideas that generate engagement and create intense, active customer loyalty rather than a company mission and vision statement.

We live in an experience economy, and we connect with people who can provide us with the insights, knowledge, recommendations and guidance that empowers us to make great choices in our own personal and professional lives.

Interviewing people, from key personnel to suppliers and customers to partners, gives your brand a real voice that is credible, believable, and trustworthy. Key elements in your customer’s buying journey and path to brand advocacy.

We help you develop case studies and showcase thought leadership in your organisation through writing, video and in-person interviews. Interviews that shape how customers perceive your brand and influence the decisions and actions they take.

“92% of respondents reported that a positive recommendation from a friend, family member, or someone they trust is the biggest influence on whether they buy a product or service.”

Interviews and Case Study Service

This service started because we had a customer that was absolutely great at having conversations, in-person and via video, but lost all his charisma and power when he sat at home recording himself speaking.

It was a massive eye-opener for us.

A powerful presenter and educator responded better to questions and interest from another person than they did to a script or pre-planned communication. #winning

We’ve since interviewed a number of people and discovered the same thing. People respond better to great questions, enthusiasm and positive energy than they do to simply recording their thoughts and ideas.

Our interviews and case studies service aims to do exactly that. To get the best out of people and extract as much valuable insights from them as possible. Insights that are powerful motivators for people to connect with your brand and convert into customers.

We can connect with people via zoom, telephone calls or in-person interviews. Whichever best works for you and the people we are interviewing on your behalf. There are great digital platforms that enable great conversations to happen despite being on different continents, and we use those in our process.

If you like the idea of creating powerful case studies and augmenting your content marketing with interviews and extracted insights from experts in your organisation, touch base with us for a free 45-minute consultation around how we can help you.

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Interviews + Case Studies

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