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Brand Alignment

Ghostwriting that aligns with your personal brand and chosen brand archetype voice and tone.

Articles, Blogs + More.

We work with you to produce articles, blogs, and more that position you as the expert.

Agile Methodology

We embrace Agile as a high-performance style of project management and product development.

Ghostwriting is writing material and producing content on behalf of someone else, who is the named author of that content.

It’s a very cool name for something we love doing. Helping people articulate their ideas, thoughts and expertise in a way that ignites opportunities and influences how people think, invest, and act when they hear your name.

Professor Kevin Lane Keller calls this Customer Based Brand Equity (CBBE Model). The differential effect that brand knowledge has on consumer response to the marketing of that brand.

And that is important. The perception that people have of you and your business through what they have read, watched or heard influences how they respond when you market a product or a service to them.

This is where we differ from a traditional ghostwriting service.

We specialise in ghostwriting that grows your personal brand and creates marketing opportunities for you. That’s why we align our writing with a brand development framework to make sure we are creating opportunities for you and your business.

Below is the Customer Based Brand Equity model which is a primary framework we use when developing brand strategy for clients.

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

Ghostwriting Service

Now that you know what ghostwriting is and are chomping at the bit to get your ideas and thoughts out into the world, let’s talk about how we can make that happen.

Although we could help you write a book, we tend to work with people who want us to write articles and blogs for them and help them produce videos that give voice to their words.

Some of our clients like a weekly interview where we extract thought leadership and expertise from them which is then converted into written blogs and articles.

Other clients like the combination of a video as well as the translation of their spoken content into a written article that articulates what they are saying effectively, and beautifully, if we may add.

It also helps with search engine optimisation (SEO) that allows them to reach a greater audience than video alone could achieve.

We also have clients who want us to produce an article once a month, which is an update of what they have been working on and allows them to inform people in their network of the opportunities they are exploiting and the challenges they are overcoming.

A progress report and update if you like, but with heaps of style and a solid foundation in marketing writing that positions them in a great light.

So, in a nutshell, we can produce multiple pieces of content for you, in multiple formats, or we can produce a single letter, proposal or article for you. It’s up to you.

Touch base with us below for a free 45-minute consultation on our ghostwriting service and how we can help you grow your brand. We’d love to hear from you.

Agile Methodology

The purpose of an Agile Methodology lies in producing the most valuable work, in the most valuable way, within short cycles known as sprints.

It’s designed to make sure that you’re never guessing, never waiting for weeks on end, and are a valuable, integrated part of the ghostwriting process.

Brand Development Process

In Japan, Kaizen is the process of continuous improvement. A process of building on a solid foundation and improving with each iteration. Our brand development process works in the same way. Is aligned with the same principles.

Our ghostwriting service covers all elements of your Brand Touchpoints. From articles and videos to blogs and thought leadership pieces. With each evolution, our ghostwriting improves and our capability expands.

Touch base with us for a free 45-minute consultation if you’re in the market for a ghostwriter and want to tap into our expertise.

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