Website Design + Development

WordPress Websites

We predominantly create WordPress websites for our clients as both blogs and company websites.

Content Marketing Platform

WordPress empowers you to quickly and easily create blogs, articles and videos online.

Website Hosting

We help you set up your own hosting environment to make sure you always have full control.

Websites are the 24/7/365 version of you that work as hard as you do to win opportunities.

We’ve been privileged to put a number of them together over the years, from industries as diverse as non-profit to upmarket paint and flooring companies.

Website Project Elements

  • Single Page Website Design
  • Landing Page website design
  • Video-intensive and Online Magazine websites
  • Directory of service providers websites
  • Multi-page websites

Our Website Design Approach

There’s a great book called ‘The Back of the Napkin’ and in it, the author recalls being asked to summarise what is necessary to create a great educational website.

The summary is that there are 3 pillars to web design: Brand, Content and Function.

Brand: What do we want people to remember or what will they remember after visiting the site?

Content: What do we want people to know and what do they want to know when visiting our website?

Function: What do people want to do and what do we want them to be able to do when visiting our website?

Brand elements are solved by design, content elements are solved by writers and authors, and function elements are solved by developers.

It’s such a great summary of how websites should be approached, it’s something we’ve followed ever since when it comes to putting together a website for our clients.

Website Design Service

Whether you are looking for a single landing page design or an ongoing, multi-page website and content marketing platform, touch base with us on how we can help you.

We work with some of our clients on an ongoing, continuous improvement basis that empowers us to constantly improve the website based on feedback and data, but we also do stand-alone website design and development projects that help you get started in the digital space.

We predominantly work with WordPress and Elementor but we are capable of working with HTML and CSS websites. We also use WooCommmerce for online stores and e-commerce environments and can help you put together a store on Shopify if that’s something you prefer.

Website Hosting

We have worked with heaps of clients who have found themselves ‘trapped’ in website hosting contracts in the past or held hostage by their previous website developer. It does occasionally happen and we don’t like to put you in a position where that could potentially happen to you.

For that reason, we help you choose a great website hosting service provider and help you set up the website hosting and email hosting package in your own business name, with your own login and passwords.

You are billed monthly, directly, by the hosting service provider (for example: Siteground, GoDaddy or Afrihost) and have full control over the website environment after we have finished creating and developing the website for you.

You will also purchase the SSL certificate (the little green lock on the browser window) directly through the website hosting service provider and pay the annual subscription fee for that directly.

Touch base with us below for a free 45-minute consultation on your website design and development requirements. We would love to hear from you.

Customer reviews + testimonials

Some treasured feedback from our clients on the work we've done, from design to marketing to writing services.
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Graphic + Digital Design Services

An overview of the graphic design and digital design services we offer. Hover or click on the block to view more information on that service.

Brand Identity Design

Developing a brand identity and designing brand touchpoints your customers will love.

Brand Identity Design

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Corporate Stationery Design

Business Cards, letterheads and stationery design that is both beautiful and memorable.

Corporate Stationery Design

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Website Design

Creating a digital 24/7/365 version of you that works as hard as you do to win customers.

Website Design

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Social Media Design

Social media posts and promotions that convert campaigns into opportunities.

Social Media Design

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Logo Design

Creating brand marks that distinguish you from the crowd, effectively and beautifully.

Logo Design

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Presentation Design

Power decks that perform. Pitches to sales presentations designed in Photoshop.

Presentation Design

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